Compile Research Report

Compile Research Report

Humans always have a great curiosity about one or more symptoms that exist in society. To reveal the truth about the facts that occurred and find solutions to existing problems, a research was conducted. This research will be made in the form of a report.

Research is a scientific activity based on a systematic, methodological, and consistent analysis. However, the most important stage in the process of conducting research is the stage of writing a research report. A research report is a written document that contains a collection of data acquisition, processing, and data analysis, to conclusions on the proof of hypotheses that are arranged systematically.

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A systematic report will be able to communicate research results to the public as a truth that can be accounted for. In general, a research report consists of three major parts, namely the introduction, content, and closing.


This section consists of a title page, abstract, preface and table of contents. The following is an explanation of the four subsections in this introduction.

  • Title page

This section includes the title of the study, the name of the author, the name of the institution, the name of the place, and the year of preparation of the report. A good title should describe the overall content of the report or the essence of a report.

  • Abstract

This is a summary of the contents of the research report in a very brief format. Abstract is like a synopsis, because by reading the abstract the reader can understand what is presented in a research report.

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  • Foreword

This section contains gratitude and thanks from the researcher for the completion of the research process.

  • list of contents

This is the part of the report that outlines the title and sub-headings of the report that provide an overview and guidance on what topics are reported.


The content section is the core of the research report. In this section, everything related to the research process and its results is described. The content section consists of the following chapters:

  • preliminary

In this section, the researcher guides the reader to be able to answer the questions of what is being studied, for what, and why the research is being carried out. In this chapter, the problem formulation, scope, and theoretical and practical uses of the research report are presented.

  • Theoretical framework

This section contains a description of the study of the theory and the results of related previous studies. Researchers can compare, contrast, or place their respective positions in the problem being studied and then state the researcher’s position along with the reasons.

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  • Research methods

This is the section that explains what the researcher does and how the research is conducted. Usually this section describes aspects directly involved in research such as the subject (population, sample, and sampling technique), scientific design and approach, and data collection techniques.

  • Research Implementation

In this section, the researcher describes the research implementation process which includes data processing and analysis, research instrument validation, data collection and presentation process, data analysis, and analysis results.

  • Research Results and Discussion

In this section, all the research results, discussions, and discussions that have been carried out are presented.

  • Conclusions and recommendations

The conclusion contains a brief review of the problem in question as well as the answer which is the result of the research that is made short, concise, and clear. Suggestions addressed by researchers to future researchers regarding parts that have not been touched, so that they are expected to complete the research that has been made.

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In the closing section, we will be invited to get acquainted with several sub-sections such as attachments, indexes and bibliography. What makes the difference?

  • attachment

This is the section that contains additional information related to the content of the research report such as special documents, data collection instruments, summary of data processing results, map tables or images.

  • Index

This section contains a sequence of important words, terms, or names found in the research report.

  • Bibliography

This section contains all sources or references, both book and electronic media, which are used as support in writing and conducting research.

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