Collaboration and its Application within Field of Research

Collaboration and its Application within Field of Research

The advancements in information and communications technology have an positive effect on many fields of our lives, including research. The reason for this is because the use of this technology for collaboration could make it more convenient for scientists all over the globe to share, connect, and access research findings quicker and efficiently which allows researchers to be more creative when conducting research.

Sharing and accessing research findings does allow researchers to innovate. Researchers and scientists can quickly discover research references that could help them improve their research. Furthermore, this feature can help to prevent the recurrence of the same research, which could result in a loss of money and time.

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The advancements in digital technology offer researchers from all over the world to join forces for jointly-funded research. Collaboration between at least two researchers may provide a platform for sharing ideas, knowledge techniques for problem solving as well as data-related methods and resources , so that research outcomes are improved.

The implementation to collaborate in the area of research will have an impact on the human condition and impact on the advancement of science. There are many kinds of collaboration in research, including:

  • Collaboration with researchers in the same field, done in conjunction in the hands of two or more scientists.
  • The need for supervision is among the most important aspects for younger researchers who conduct research along with other researchers who are more experienced. Researchers who are skilled are expected to supervise for younger researchers.
  • Different research results, for instance there are at least two parties that share research results to allow each party to continue to work on the findings of the other’s research without needing to duplicate the research.
  • Various resources, i.e. two researchers sign an agreement to share funding, equipment, knowledge and more.

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With the rapid advancement of technology and science, types of collaboration within the research field will surely become more varied and diverse. To help researchers to work together, more tools, software as well as platforms are created.

Some examples of platforms or tools scientists could use are:

  • A tool for searching references ; BibSonomy, CaptoMe, CiteLike, Colwix, Google Scholar, Mendeley and others.
  • Devices that exchange data and source code. Code Ocean, Dataverse, Zenodo and Delvehealth.
  • Devices that allow interaction with other researchers. Academia, Research Gate and Mendeley.
  • Tools for managing work when doing research on a daily basis; Open Science Framework, Ovation and SciNote.
  • Tools to store and manage research references. Researchers need to create manuscripts that document the changes that are made, and then added by other authors to the text. Mendelet, CiteUlike, Papers, CitationStyles and Zotero.
  • The tools to publish research findings include F1000Research, Giga Science Zenoda and Academia.
  • Evaluation tools for research findings to be published Academia Karma Journal Review, Scopus and Science Open.

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