To Make the Room More Aesthetic, Here Are 5 Tips for Choosing Photo Frames

To Make the Room More Aesthetic, Here Are 5 Tips for Choosing Photo Frames

Not only can beautify the room, photos frames and mounted on the wall can remind us of certain moments that will not be easily forgotten for a lifetime. Starting from graduation photos, weddings, pre-wedding, to photos with extended family, it is worth remembering because it will only happen once in a lifetime.

To make the room more attractive and aesthetic , we have to choose a photo frame . Don’t just choose, because instead of being beautiful, your room looks full and boring with the many photo frames installed.

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How, yes, how to choose the right photo frame for room decoration ? Check out the following tips.

1. Decide what artwork or photos to display

Before choosing a photo frame, you need to determine what type of display you will install on the walls of your house. Is it a photo or a work of art in the form of a painting. This is important for you to do so that you can choose photos or works of art that match the concept of your room.

After deciding what type of artwork you want to display, you also need to decide how much you want to put on the wall. If there are a lot of them, you can create a mini gallery on one side of the room wall.

2. Pay attention to the quality of the frame you are going to buy

Of course, the artwork or photos that you will display must be clear and not blurry. So that when printed in large size it will add to the lively atmosphere of the room.

In addition to photo prints, pay attention to the quality of the frame that you are going to buy. Pay attention to the material used, the color, to the size. If you feel the color of the frame you bought is too pale, you can add your own paint.

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3. You also have to pay attention to the balance of the frame

After the quality of the frame, the next thing you should pay attention to is the balance of the frame. You have to adjust the thickness or thinness of the frame to the photo you have. Do not let the frame you choose is even more dominating than the photos you will display. Do not be too thin because it will be prone to breaking.

4. Adjust the color to the theme of the room

So that the frame you choose blends in, choose a color that matches or matches the theme of the room. Not only adapting to the overall theme of the room, the right frame color can also bring the photo that is framed to life. For example, a bright frame color for a bright photo, or a neutral frame color for a sharp photo.

5. The room to be framed

You can install a frame in all rooms. However, so as not to seem’disturbing’ the overall appearance of the room, choose the right frame.

For example, you can choose a frame with full carvings to create a productive impression in the workspace, a minimalist frame on the side of an empty staircase wall to present an artistic impression, and a gray or white frame in the living room to give a warm impression.

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Popular Tips wrote are only as your guide for choosing a frame. The rest, you can play with your creativity so that the room feels more alive with a frame on the wall.

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