Cctv recommendations for your home

Cctv recommendations for your home

1. BARDI Smart Outdoor STC IP Camera CCTV IoT Home Automation + micro SD 128GB V

Are you confused about how to choose the best outdoor surveillance system for your home? BARDI CCTV can be an option.

Mama can greet and welcome guests with the two-way audio feature.

The IP65 weatherproof feature of this CCTV allows it to monitor your house at different seasons. This ensures that you can get high quality recordings. The quality of the recordings is excellent, regardless of whether it is in hot sun or heavy rainfall.

BARDI Outdoor Smart Camera IP Camera CCTV Wifi IoT HOME Automation + Micro SD 128GBV is priced at IDR 990,000.

2. CCTV IP Camera Outdoor 2MP 1080P

This brand of CCTV can be used to communicate between rooms even if CCTV is not used often for recording activities.

This 2MP 1080P Outdoor Ip Camera CCTV has a clear microphone and speaker that allow for two-way communication in real-time. CCTV Brand can be accessed from three smartphones simultaneously and is waterproof so it is safe in the rain.

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For IDR 425,000, you can buy 2MP 1080P Outdoor CCTV Ip Cam.

3. Giime Apollo Cctv Camera Smart Wifi 720P Infrared Wifi Motion Detector Original

This CCTV can be purchased for as low as Rp. 350,000.The CCTV can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi using a 2.4GHz network. The motion detector in the CCTV camera detects all movements within the house.This brand of CCTV also features a high resolution image resolution of 720P. It can be accessed via the V380 Pro app on Android or IOS.

4. IP Camera WIFI CCTV V380 Smart Wifi Camera HD960P Q6

can bring the CCTV into her home immediately for a price of IDR 350,000.This CCTV brand comes equipped with a smart WiFi camera so that it can be used from any cellphone at any time. The microSD card can be expanded to 32GB with this CCTV.This CCTV brand also has a HD960P resolution camera. The result is clear and crisp

.5. Prolink SmartCam II FHD 1080p Wireless Internet Camera Pan/Tilt

The Prolink SmartCam PLUS II FHD 1090p Wireless Internet Camera Pan/Tilt PCIC3003WP is a compact, stylish, and simple design.The installation of this CCTV camera is easy and takes very little time. Simply plug in the IP camera cable and connect it to your application. Mama can then quickly access the CCTV camera by placing it on a table or wall.This feature, tilt allows the CCTV to turn sideways at 355deg and up to 120deg.This CCTV can be purchased by Mama for Rp. This CCTV comes with a 1-year official guarantee.

6. TP-LINK Tapo 100 Home Security Wi-Fi Camera IP Camera CCTV

This brand is smaller than other CCTVs that are usually rectangular in size.Despite this, the features of TP-LINK Tapo C100 home security Wi-Fi camera IP camera CCTV are very complete. There is sound and light alarms which can warn if someone attempts to enter the house.The Tapo App makes it easy to install and use this CCTV. Mama can purchase this CCTV for Rp. 319,000.

7. Xiaomi Mi Home Smart Security Cam 1080P IP Cam Mijia TTZ 360deg

Are you worried about leaving your child with a caregiver? CCTV by Xiaomi allows you to monitor your child’s activities at home.

Xiaomi offers a smart home security camera that has a resolution 1080p. This provides clear image quality. Mama can monitor the house’s status with the 360deg rotating lens.

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This CCTV also features night vision and AI facial recognition. These features can recognize faces and take clear images at night.

This CCTV can be purchased by Mama at a cost of Rp. 699,000 – Rp. 769,000.

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