5 Ways to Bring a Beach Feel into the Home Interior

5 Ways to Bring a Beach Feel into the Home Interior

1. Choose neutral colors

The first way to bring a beach feel at home is to change the color of the room to neutral colors. For example, a combination of dark blue and light blue which symbolizes the color of calm water you can apply in several rooms. The bedroom can be one of the rooms where you can apply this color because it makes you relax and comfortable.

If blue is too  mainstream , other sea colors that you can choose are mint green from beach plants, pastel pink from pearl shells, yellow from bright sun, to cream from beach sand. In order not to be too excessive, you can combine it with white. The reason is, so that the room feels spacious and bright.

2. Use furniture with a variety of textures

Remember the beach atmosphere, Bela? Surely you will remember so many diverse textures. Starting from the texture of sand, wood, to water. Therefore, you can adopt this texture into your furniture.

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Choose a variety of textures on the furniture. For example, wavy on chairs, wood textures on tables or floors, to glass for wall decoration. Also consider choosing natural materials for furniture. For example, wood or rattan.

3. Multiply plants in the room

The next way to bring a beach feel at home is to put lots of ornamental plants in the room. Choose broadleaf plants that will remind you of palm trees on the beach.

Another function of this plant in addition to beautifying the room, it can also clean the air. So, your room can always feel fresh and clean.

4. Always let the sunlight into the room through the windows of your house

The beach is always synonymous with bright sunshine throughout the day. So that you can feel  the beach vibe in your home, make sure that sunlight enters the room.

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Open the windows wide during the day and use white, light blue, or light yellow curtains. This is intended to make your room feel bright and bright like on the beach.

5. Choose beach-themed accessories to add splendor to your room

Finally, to liven up the atmosphere even more, you can choose decor and furniture elements that match the beach theme. For example, a sofa, bed, or bean bag with a unique shape. Like, shells, tires or cute fish.

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In addition, other decoration elements that you can choose are  illustrated wallpapers or soothing blue colors. Or even simpler, you can choose a painting with a view of the beach, to the sea.

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