6 Analysis Tools for Quantitative

6 Analysis Tools for Quantitative

Research When you reach the conclusion of your college career, you’ll certainly be aware of what research is. Even though you’ve probably conducted research either qualitative or quantitative in previous classes, conducting research for your final project is typically more challenging. You must be able to think on your own from start to the end, not forgetting the weight of analysis.

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The analysis may differ depending on whether you select quantitative or qualitative. One option is only composed of writing, while the other one requires an analytical tool since it’s in the form of numbers. If you are looking for the other option that is quantitative, it is essential to decide which tool is the most appropriate and easy for you. Which are the top well-known and user-friendly analysis tools? Let’s look at 6 of them here!


SPSS is among the most frequently utilized statistics and data analysis software in education, business as well as research. It is readily available on all computers at public universities and you can download the software onto your personal computer.


Excel is a great tool for descriptive statistics as well as for more sophisticated analysis using an Analysis ToolPak installed (available in every version of Excel for Windows, but Excel only for MAC 2016 is only available).


R is a no-cost software environment that can be used to compute graphs and statistics. The software is compatible with Window as well as MAC. If you are looking for a graphic user interface, you can download the trial version of RStudio.


JAMOVI is created to be simple to use and a viable alternative to costly statistical tools like SPSS as well as SAS. It is built on top of the statistics R language, it will remain open and completely free. It was designed by scientists by scientists.


PSPP is a program used for analysis of data samples. It’s a no-cost alternative to SPSS and comes with an identical design and appearance. PSPP is able to perform descriptive statistics, tests, ANOVA as well as linear and logistic regression and association measures, as well as cluster analysis as well as reliability and factor analysis non-parametric tests, and much more.

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OpenStat is a general-purpose statistics software designed for Windows. It is however, able to be installed on an MAC by downloading Wine.h downloaded from the OpenStat website. OpenStat offers an interface for users similar to SPSS. The site has Help documentation that includes ebooks, videos as well as user guides. Link to Springer ebook:


SOFA, Statistics Open For All is “a easy-to-use statistics analysis, reporting and analysis program. It’s completely free, with the emphasis on easy usage, the concepts you learn as you progress and producing excellent analysis results.”

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