Aaron Rodgers follows cryptic IG message: There will not be any news today’

Aaron Rodgers follows cryptic IG message: There will not be any news today’

Aaron Rodgers has yet to make any predictions about his future.

After a cryptic Instagram post Monday night the NFL MVP joined The Pat McAfee Show Tuesday and stated that he isn’t ready yet to share his plans.

Rodgers stated, “Let’s just say that I am disclaiminger for those who are watching to get a specific, possibly news or decision.” Rodgers stated that there will not be any news or a decision regarding my future today. Yesterday, I just finished a 12-day Panchakarma. … I’m trying to get my head above the sand and see what’s happening out there. But no decision about my future today.”

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Rodgers stated that he does not plan to answer questions about his future, such as whether he will return to Green Bay or request a trade. However, he noted that there are many things to consider. He did mention Davante Adam’s situation with the star receiver, who will be a free agent (the window to allow teams to use the franchise tags opened Tuesday).

Rodgers stated, “I also understand today, I believe,” that it might be the first day of tagging players. “In Green Bay there’s a guy that’s like the best in the league at what he does. He wears, like I think No. 17 You might have heard of him. He might be tagged at some point. However, I think neither party wants that to happen. They would rather have a long-term extension. It’s part of the decision I discussed, and not a way to drag this out.

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Rodgers said that while he tries to delay any announcements, he isn’t worried about his future.

He said, “I don’t have anxiety about this decision.” I understand that there is not much to talk about football, but this will be a topic of conversation. I look forward to making that decision and moving on. It’s best to me, it’s better for the team, and it’s best all involved. Let’s get on with it. There are still conversations to have and some other things to consider. It won’t take long. This will not be a way for me to hold anyone hostage. That’s not what I intend to do. It’s obvious that I want to be certain. When I feel confident, we’ll move on.

Ian Rapoport, NFL Network Insider, previously reported that Rodgers met with the Packers brass to discuss his future after Green Bay’s playoff exit. The QB’s relationship with the Packers brass is better than last offseason.

Rodgers stated that there was a lot of information to sort through in the postseason exit interviews. “… I wanted to make sure that I saw a lot people I knew who had the potential to move on or get other opportunities. I was there for a few days because of that. Next, I wanted to meet with Brian [Gutekunst] as well as Russ [Ball] & Matt [LaFleur]. The meetings were different in a positive manner and there were honest conversations that I really appreciated.

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What a year! I wish things would slow down. Let me enjoy my life and make this decision.

There will not be any silence in the NFL offseason until Rodgers announces his plans.

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