7 Ways To Earn Money as a Student

7 Ways To Earn Money as a Student

Earning money sometimes is indeed tempting. However, there are many hurdles to overcome before it can be implemented. One of the biggest hurdles is answering the question: what can I do to earn money as a student?

If you are a student looking for ways to earn your own pocket money, you can check out the list of ways below!

Get Some Freelance Work

Doing freelance work advantage of doing freelance is that the working time is quite flexible. There are many freelances that you can pursue as a student. One of them is writing on sites like the IDN Times.

Some freelance provides incentives based on the number of readers of the article, others offer a fixed price per article. There are many things you can write, ranging from unique facts, hot news, and opinions to fiction writing.

Apart from being a freelance writer, you can also take advantage of the needs of your fellow students. If you are good at language, you can find work by translating a friend’s assignment. If you’re a conscientious person, you can help edit people’s writing. Those of you who are creative can find work by offering CV designs, filling out podcasts, and providing video editing services. 

Tip: There are many ways and places for you to offer your services. You can ask your friends for help to do word-of-mouth promotions, join open chats, or through your campus’s messaging platform.

Take Some Part-time Job

The environment around campus is usually a busy place with various types of service offerings. You can take advantage of the crowd by looking for part-time positions around your campus. You can work in restaurants, bookstores, photocopiers, or any place with vacancies. Usually, if these places open part-time, they will provide information via bulletin boards in their stores or social media.

If there are no part-time open, you can create your part-time. The most common activity that students can do is teach. You can target friends in your major by teaching your field of study, or you can also teach elementary to high school children who are around you.

Activity part-time that you can pursue is opening up cleaning and cleaning services. However, before opening this service, ensure you have done your research and have the necessary equipment, OK?

Like freelancers, you can offer your services through word of mouth or message exchange forums on your campus.

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Sell some Items

You can fill your spare time by selling on the marketplace. If you like making various interesting designs, you can sell products with your own designs. Or, you can also become a reseller of goods or sell used or pre-loved.

Tips: If you want to be serious, you can invite friends to sell at the surprise market or bazaar around your campus. But, don’t forget to do a survey first, especially if the market is open to the public. Find out how to reserve a stall there, what items can be sold, what things are usually sought after, and whether there are any fees the seller has to pay.

Food can also be an alternative to the items you sell. Find out what foods your friends usually buy and the places to sell them. If you have to bring your food to class, make sure the lecturer in your class won’t mind having food in the class.

Tip: classes offline, you will be familiar with the terms business funds. Usually, organizational committees sell a variety of foods to raise additional funds for their events. You can ask them about where they get the food they sell and the price they charge for you to adjust according to your selling needs.

Another alternative that you can sell is study notes. Summarize your class notes as neatly and completely as possible. Put them together into one book, and then you can sell those notes to your friends. Money is earned, and college is not neglected.

Become Assistant for Teacher or Professor

If you want to earn money honing your academic knowledge, you can try becoming a teaching assistant. There are several ways to get this position. Some lecturers ask for student assistance on a ‘guerrilla’ basis, meaning they will choose their own students they already know well.

Being an active student in class and organization can be one way to get the attention of these lecturers. Some other lecturers will post an official announcement looking for an assistant. So, make sure you are always up-to-date with campus news, OK? Usually, these announcements are posted on-campus social media and on organizations.

There are many activities you can do to help lecturers. The most commonly known activity is, of course, being a teaching assistant. But, apart from that, you can also help in other ways, such as being a research assistant or assistant in other lecturer projects. Don’t forget to check the requirements to become a lecturer assistant at your campus, OK! And also examine the benefits that you will get when helping the lecturer!

Participate in some internships


Although internships are more focused on increasing student skills in the world of work, this activity can also be one way for you to increase your pocket money. But, before applying, you have to ensure that the internship you want to take part in will pay you, yes!

Because even though it has been regulated, there are still some companies that do not provide financial rewards to their apprentices. You also have to be careful in seeing whether your activities are internships or volunteering. Activities Volunteer are excellent to do, but this activity is not ideal for those of you who are looking for money because most activities entitled “volunteer” are voluntary.

Internships are recommended for students who are approaching their final years. But, if you feel that you have mastered the material, can manage your time well, and have met the requirements given by the internship, then there is nothing wrong with registering.

Tip: You can find information about internships that are currently open through job search sites such as LinkedIn and Glints, through Instagram accounts that like to share internship information, or through campus social media.

If it’s too good to be true, Maybe you must Leave it

Everyone definitely wants to get a light job with big rewards, or we have always dreamed of making money instantly. Especially if you are a student, you also have to think about lecture assignments in addition to making money.

But, always remember the saying, “if it’s too good to be true, maybe it is a scam.” Always be on the lookout for vacancies or offers that promise big and fast money by doing relatively light work.

Wherever you get information on vacancies or offers, whether through groups, social media, or famous sites like LinkedIn, always double-check the information. Make sure the information you get is credible, and you can ask for testimonials from past people.

There are many ways to make your own money still in college, as in the example above. You can sell online or even become a lecturer assistant. Adjust to your free time and abilities. Have any of you tried it or have any other tips?

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